People from both Eastern and Western civilizations are the target audiences for “Religious BBQ.” Kaizumi has studied and practiced both religions mentioned, and explains that she is not attempting to justify either side, but rather explain that it is possible for both to coexist.

“I have lived half of my life as a Muslim. My mother and grandmothers used to tell me stories about Christians that simply were not true,” Kaizumi says. “When I converted to Christianity and began to live in the West, I heard the same stories about Muslims from Christians.”

 “Religious BBQ” attempts to help people learn about themselves and their faith while delivering a message of respect and tolerance. Kaizumi attempts to appeal to both sides by helping evangelists of Christianity better understand the lesser known aspects of Muslims while explaining how Christians verify their sacraments and also seek love and peace in the world to Muslims.

Kazumi incorporates verses from both the Bible and the Quran in an attempt to open the eyes of both faiths and to encourage an escape from the ignorance and dogmatic views that are common.   

“We all can be critics, but we are living in the 21st century where we are required to study and educate ourselves to develop humanity,” Kaizumi says. “We should know what we preach and teach, and be aware of the lives that we can touch and impress not only with what we say, but also with how we live.”

 “Religious BBQ” is available for sale online at and other channels.