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About the Author:

Living half of her life as a devoted Muslim and the rest as an active Christian, Dr. Neda Maria Kaizumi is originally from Iran, but has lived in Turkey, Malaysia, Japan, Norway, and other different countries. A counselor, author, and teacher, she has offered counseling and humanitarian help to couples and refugees, attained her Doctor of Ministry focusing on counseling from Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics & theology, and a Master of Science in International Management (Oil & Gas) with the University of Liverpool. Having years of organizational work experience, she has gathered fans from all over the world because of the way she demonstrates her love through service, and is currently preaching in various conferences and as an individual volunteer works to fight for human rights and integration in Europe. Dr. Kaizumi and her husband Masod live in Oslo, Norway and have a smart son called Joshua, who is not only the fruit of their life, but also the first generation Christian in the author’s family.
 Neda is a member of Norsk PEN, the Norwegian chapter of International PEN.
Neda is a leader, author, teacher, and counselor. She currently is writing her second and third books on organisational behaviour (Time & Stress Management).